Many organizations have waste products that have more economic potential than being sent to the landfill. If your organization is one of them, you have probably found yourself looking in the dumpster and shaking your head. Entrepreneurs across Austin are looking for new business opportunities with a positive social impact.

Do you hope they would decide to find a business solution to your waste challenge? Apply to pitch your industrial scrap, byproduct, or other waste stream with unrealized value to social entrepreneurs!

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Are you an entrepreneur interested in starting a business that has a positive social impact? A non-profit professional interested in a creative way to diversify your revenue and/or offering direct job training to their clients? Be a competitor! Join us for a [Re]Verse Pitch Kick-Off on November 7th to learn more about the competition, or use the form below to sign up for news and updates. 

We are looking for creative, technical, and business advisers to help our competitors refine their business ideas and get ready to pitch at the final event. Interested in volunteering your time & brainpower to help create the next great social impact business? Get in touch!