[Re]Verse Pitch Mentoring: What to Expect

Thank you for volunteering your time to mentor competitors in the first ever [Re]Verse Pitch Competition! Here’s what to expect in the competition and when to expect it:

Now- October 11: Learn About the Byproducts & Let Us Know Your Availability

Look at the byproduct materials videos and information available online at http://reversepitch.org.

Depending on the level of participation by competitors/entrepreneurs in this event, we may need mentors to mentor more than 1 competitor. Please let us know before October 11th how many competitors you are willing to mentor (assume 5-7 hours of mentoring time between October 11th and December 6th per competitor mentored).

Week of October 11: Prepare HeroX Account & Join Slack

Create your HeroX account, so you’ll be ready to review competitors’ repurposing ideas. To create an account, click the SIGN IN link at the top of the Home page. Then click the ‘new user’ hyperlink. Create your account by entering your first name, last name, email and password. It’s totally free to create a HeroX account.

If you have any trouble creating an account, please contact Lance McNeill with the Office of Innovation:


We have also created a Slack channel for your optional use for collaboration. To request a Slack invitation, email Lance McNeill at lance.mcneill@austintexas.gov.

October 11: Opening Pitch

We hope you’ll attend the opening pitch event at Atlassian, 6-8 pm, to hear from material generators about the byproducts with which your mentees will be creating their new business concepts. Competitors will have the chance to ask questions of the material generators and network with you and the material suppliers at the event.

October 18: Upload Short Description & Mentor Request

By October 18, competitors will post short description of their idea and mentorship requests on HeroX. Competitors may request a specific mentor or request specific expertise areas (sales, manufacturing, marketing, etc.).

At this stage, competitors may post more than one idea description and those can be concepts that deal with multiple materials. However, each entrepreneur will be matched with one mentor only, not with one mentor per idea submitted.

October 21: Mentee Match

You’ll be matched with your mentee by this date through an email introduction.

October 21 - November 18: Refine Your Concept & Craft Your Pitch

You and your mentee will schedule mentoring sessions over these weeks to refine their business idea(s). We ask that you give at least 5 hours of mentoring time but feel free to meet more often or provide more feedback if your schedule allows.

During this time your mentees also have access to the expertise of our technical advisors. Advisors will be invited to weigh in independently with advice through HeroX, and competitors can also reach out to individuals to ask specific questions about the environmental impacts, address technical concerns, get creative/aesthetic advice, etc. Use the Judging Criteria to guide the refinement process.

November 18: Finalist Application Deadline

In order to be considered as a finalist and pitch on December 6th, your mentee’s must submit a finalist application on HeroX by this date. At this stage, your mentee will be asked to fill out specific questions relating to the Judging Criteria.

November 21-22: Finalist Selection

Judges will vote for the best ideas to become finalists, using the Judging Criteria. Judges will base their votes on the materials and information competitors upload to HeroX. To encourage a diversity of material types to be represented in the finals, ideas will also be assigned points based on the material used, with 5 points being assigned to ideas using the material with the fewest ideas submitted, 4 points to ideas using the material with the second fewest ideas submitted, and so on.

November 23- Finalists Announced

The selections of finalists will be announced.

November 23-December 6: Practice The Pitch

If your mentee(s) is/are selected as a finalist, you will work with them to refine & practice their 6-minute pitch. They'll utilize a Slide Deck Template to craft the presentation.

November 30: Final Pitch Rehearsal

All finalists will gather for a rehearsal of the final pitch event where they will have a chance to practice their pitches and receive feedback.

December 6: Final Pitch Event

Finalists will pitch their business concepts to our judging panel and audience members at our final event. Please review the Judging Criteria which will be used to choose the winner of the Innovation Prize. All pitches will be videoed and uploaded to http://reversepitch.org after the event.

Finalists will have 6 minutes to pitch, and should address each of the judging criteria areas: environmental impact, market viability, and economic development. Judges will have 4 minutes for Q&A. The winners will be announced at the event. There will be a grand prize, second prize, and People’s Choice honorable mention awarded.