Competitor Expectations

We’re so excited you’ve decided to compete in the 2019 [Re]Verse Pitch Competition!
Here’s what to expect in the competition and when to expect it:

Now - February 26: Learn About the Byproducts & Competition Rules

Look at the byproduct materials videos and information available at Your idea must use one or more of these materials as a main input to be eligible to win this competition. This is also a good time to familiarize yourself with the available prizes, determine which award category you will be eligible to enter, and review the prize match policies (Seed and Growth- updated 1/15/19) and prize winner agreement.

February 26: Create HeroX Account & Team

Create your HeroX account, so you’ll be ready to post your repurposing ideas. To create an account, please go to the [Re]Verse Pitch 2019 page. Then click the ‘Login and continue’ button. Create your account by entering your first name, last name, email and password. It’s free to create a HeroX account. 

If you will be working in a team, click here to read instructions on how to create your team within HeroX.

If you have any technical issues with HeroX, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Mel Martin with the Austin Young Chamber.

February 26: Opening Pitch

RSVP for and attend the opening pitch event at Capital Factory, 6:00-8:00 pm, to hear from material suppliers about the byproducts with which you will create a business concept. You will have the chance to ask questions and network with material suppliers at the event. Attendance is MANDATORY to advance in the competition. Make sure you get checked in at the event, and please arrive early--between 5:30 and 5:45 pm. If you are working in a team, at least one of your team members must attend this event. We prefer that one of the event-attending team members be the team creator or "Captain" when you form your team on HeroX.

March 5: Upload Short Description & Mentor Request

By 11:59pm on March 5, you must post a short description of your idea (1-2 sentences is sufficient) and a mentorship request on HeroX. You must meet this deadline to continue in the competition. You will also be asked to identify whether you are a Seed or Growth stage competitor. You may request a specific mentor (see bios of the mentors at or request specific expertise areas (sales, manufacturing, marketing, etc.). We will do our best to accommodate requests and match you with a mentor that meets your needs, but cannot guarantee you’ll receive your requested mentor.

At this stage, you are allowed to post more than one idea description, and you can change or pivot your idea between this submission and your finalist application. Each entrepreneur/team will be matched with one mentor only, not with one mentor per idea submitted. In addition, each entrepreneur/team will only be able to submit one idea at the finalist application stage.

March 7: Mentor Match

You’ll be matched with your mentor by this date through an email introduction.

March 7 - April 4 : Refine Your Concept & Craft Your Pitch

You and your mentor will work independently to schedule mentoring sessions over these 4 weeks to refine your business idea(s). Your mentors have committed to at least 5 hours of mentoring time with you. Some mentors may be willing to meet more often or provide more feedback, but please be sensitive and respectful of their time.

During this time you also have access to the expertise of our technical advisors. You can reach out to advisors to ask specific or technical questions about their area of expertise. Use the Judging Criteria to guide your refinement process.

March 19: Ideation Workshop

This free ideation workshop offered exclusively for [Re]Verse Pitch Competitors will equip you with knowledge and techniques to more quickly turn your ideas into revenue generating businesses. Register for this workshop by clicking here. Attending this workshop is optional but highly encouraged.

April 2: Group Mentoring Session

The [Re]verse Pitch Group Mentoring Session will help you prepare for an in-person pitch presentation. Competitors will work with mentors in a facilitated group discussion. You will leave the session more confident in how you will articulate their value propositions, customer segments and social impact. Register for this workshop by by clicking here. Attending this session is optional but highly encouraged.

April 4: Semi-Finalist Application Deadline

In order to be considered to become a finalist and pitch on April 30, your idea must pass through an initial assessment by our judges. At this stage, you’ll be asked to fill out specific questions related to the Judging Criteria.

The Semi-Finalist Application will consist of:

  1. Two-to-Three Page Executive Summary using provided template: Executive Summary Template

  2. Pro-Forma Financial Statement using provided template, to include use of grant funds, if awarded: Pro-Forma Template

  3. Phototype or Rendering of Prototype, if applicable. Note that while this is not required, it is highly encouraged.

All Template links can also be found via the Resources section of HeroX. Use the “Save As” function in Google Docs to create your business files and customize with your content. Once completed, download your file as a PDF and upload via the Submissions section of your HeroX profile. Please contact Alyssia Woods with the Austin Young Chamber with any questions or issues.

Semi-Finalist application scores will be comprised of the following (85 points max):

  1. The average judge score, using the Judging Criteria (75 points)

  2. The material supplier score based on how likely the supplier is do business with the Contestant based on their business plan. NOTE: A material supplier score of “0” would mean the material supplier would not do business with the Contestant, and would result in an automatic disqualification of the Contestant. (10 points)

April 5 - 15: Finalist Selection

Judges will score the ideas to select finalists based on the information submitted to HeroX.

April 17: Finalist Announced

The selection of finalists will be announced.

April 17-26: Finalist Pitch Practice Sessions

If you are selected as a finalist, work with your mentor to refine & practice a 6-minute pitch. You can use this Slide Deck Template to create your presentation.

April 22 - 26: Final Pitch Rehearsal

Finalists will schedule a one-on-one complimentary pitch coaching session with a pitch professional and receive feedback to use for event day.

April 30: Final Pitch Event

Two finalists in each category will pitch their business concepts to our judging panel and audience members at our final event. Please review the Judging Criteria which will be used to choose the winners of the Innovation Prizes. Finalists will have 6 minutes to pitch, and should address each of the Final Pitch Event judging criteria areas. Judges will have 4 minutes for Q&A. The winners will be announced at the event. 

Semi-Finalist Application Score (75 points)
Material Supplier Score (10 points)
Final Pitch Score (15 points)
Total Possible Score: 100 points

All pitches will be videoed and uploaded to after the event.

April 30 & Beyond: Make Your Idea a Reality!

Whether you win an Innovation Prize or not, we hope you turn your repurposing idea into reality! You can contact Natalie Betts, the Recycling Economic Development Program Manager, to take advantage of the City of Austin’s small business start-up resources