[Re]Verse Pitch 2018

Congratulations 2018 Winners!

Waste Free Grain Flour

Seed Stage Innovation Prize & People's Choice- Seed Stage

Evo Conversion Systems, LLC

Growth Stage Innovation Prize

Classic Childhood

People's Choice- Growth Stage

See their pitches in this recording of the Final Pitch Competition!

2018 Finalists


4.0 GPA

Repurposing: Oyster Shells

Classic Childhood

Repurposing: Fabric scraps

Evo Conversion Systems

Repurposing: Stillage


Repurposing: Stillage & Oyster Shells



Repurposing: Stillage


Repurposing: Wine Bottles & Vinyl Records

Waste Free Grain Flour

Repurposing: Stillage


Repurposing: Wine Bottles & Oyster Shells

2018 Material Suppliers

View the Opening Event Recording to see the Material Supplier Pitches! 

Presentations are in alphabetical order by company name


Balfour Beatty US

A construction company has about 24 used concrete anchor straps every month. These industry standard fall protection straps with varying colors & lengths are embedded into concrete floors or columns and cut flush when no longer needed.  See the product spec sheet here.

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Gold Rush Vinyl

A new record manufacturing plant has finished PVC records that do not meet their quality standard, as well as excess PVC material from the trimming of their 7", 10" and 12" records. Over 6,000 lbs per month are available. 

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JOSCO Products

A local textile recycler is unable to use the top part of denim jeans and cotton pants with metal buttons, zippers, and pockets. Approximately 500-1,000 lbs/month are currently going to the landfill.

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Oyster Shells.jpg

Quality Seafood Market

A local seafood market has 4,500-5,000 pounds of oyster shells per month available!

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Still Austin Whiskey Co.

An Austin whiskey distillery produces 30,000 gallons a month of distiller's spent grain. A standard batch includes 1800 gals of water mixed with 2500 pounds of non-GMO food grade white corn, 700 pounds of food-grade red winter wheat, and 350 pounds of malted barley. Starch has been extracted from these grains but they retain protein & fat. Still Austin is able to divert some material to local farms (as seen in this Instagram video!) but they have more than these farmers need.

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Stitch Texas

This garment factory has 2 - 6 garbage bags full of textile scraps each month, ranging from cottons to linens to bamboo to sweatshirt material.

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Texas Reds and Whites

This downtown tasting room has approximately 60 wine bottles per month that they would like to see creatively repurposed. 

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utMaterial Powerpoint_Page_1.jpg

University of Texas Resource Recovery

The University of Texas at Austin has up to 40 tons a month of usable and damaged pressboard furniture, mostly desks, bookcases, and tables, that it is unable to divert through donation or auction.

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