Many organizations have waste products that have more economic potential than being sent to the landfill. If your organization is one of them, you have probably found yourself looking in the dumpster and shaking your head. Entrepreneurs across Austin are looking for new business opportunities with a positive social impact.

Do you hope they would decide to find a business solution to your waste challenge? Apply to be a [Re]Verse Pitch Material Supplier and pitch your industrial scrap, byproduct, or other waste stream with unrealized value to social entrepreneurs!

Applications accepted until Friday, December 7th!

Why Apply? Let’s ask our past Material Suppliers!

How to Apply:

Film a short video (no more than 90 seconds) or create a photo slideshow that showcases your byproduct material.

Upload it to the online platform of your choice, and send us the link along with your answers to a few questions in the application form below.

We welcome you to submit more than one material to pitch, but please complete separate applications for each. 

Applications Due December 7th

You will be notified of our selection decision in by late December.

What would I need to do?

If selected, you would prepare a slide deck about the byproduct’s quantity, quality, price, terms, material properties, reuse options, and potential scalability of a reuse solution.  You would present this pitch and bring a sample of your material (if feasible) during the Competition’s opening event in late February 2019. You would also make yourself available for further questions about the material as entrepreneurs develop their business plans during the Competition (February-April 2019), provide feedback to the Judges during the evaluation phase, and work with entrepreneurs with viable solutions to implement their ideas following the Competition.

If you are a business looking to reuse materials within your own processes or develop another product line from your waste materials, the City of Austin has other programs and services to assist you. Please contact recyclingecodev at austintexas dot gov for more information.

Are you an entrepreneur interested in starting a business that has a positive social impact? A non-profit professional interested in a creative way to diversify your revenue and/or offering direct job training to their clients? Be a competitor!

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We are always looking for technical advisors and business mentors to help our competitors refine their business ideas and get ready to pitch at the final event. Interested in volunteering your time & brainpower to help create the next great social impact business? Get in touch!

Innovation Prize Sponsorship Opportunities

The [Re]Verse Pitch Competition will be seeking to supplement the Innovation Prize with in-kind services that will support the new start-up(s) and/or expanding companies who win the competition. Sponsorship details are coming soon, but feel free to contact us in the meantime if you’d like to start the conversation now!